Counselling for Young Adults

When to Think about Counselling

Being a young person can sometimes be a difficult time. This is not surprising considering how many changes are taking place in the brain and body up until the age of 25. During this period it is normal to feel emotionally unsettled and confused. The question is, when do the normal struggles of being a young adult become something that might require the help of a professional?

You may be young adult, or know of another young person, who is struggling with feelings and behaviours that are making everyday life difficult to manage. Perhaps you are lacking in motivation, feeling low, or struggling to cope with feeling angry or anxious, for instance under the pressure of exams, living away from home for the first time or in the first steps of employment. 

Maybe you are finding it hard to come to terms with a relationship break up, loss or parental separation. Sometimes you may not know what it is that is wrong but would like someone to talk to who isn’t a friend or family member. Whatever the issue, now might be the time to seek some help and support.

How Counselling Can Help

As an independent, professional and non-judgemental counsellor, you can talk with me confidentially. Together we will work to improve your situation. I will not tell you what to do but help and support you in understanding the way you feel, think and behave. We will explore why the problem started and discover ways in which you can help yourself.

Through your growing understanding of yourself we can find different ways of communicating, managing and overcoming what you may be going through.  This can really help you to feel more settled and content through your teenage years.

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Some reasons why you may seek counselling:

  • anxiety
  • stressed
  • low self esteem
  • exam pressure
  • lacking in confidence
  • feeling low
  • excessive worrying
  • parental separation or divorce
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • lacking in motivation
  • feeling depressed
  • Confusion